A downloadable game for Windows

My second game jam game. This one is for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2018 game jam.

The theme was make a game from a genre but remove one of that genre's core mechanics.

I made an action platformer where you gotta kill things but you can't attack in any way.

I don't know how well this fits the theme but it was fun to make anyways.

You play as a sentient marshmallow that was created in an evil lab. You're creators think you're TOO sentient so they're trying to destroy you. They aren't very smart though.

There seems to be a bug where the game won't start from the main menu (only sometimes though) and it stops responding. If you run into it I'm really sorry! You'll have to close the game from task manager and restart it.
EDIT: I figured out what caused the bug, but since I cannot upload a fixed version I  recommend closing the game and restarting it between runs.

ALSO you can press alt + enter to fullscreen the game.

Install instructions

Download the zip. Then extract the zip. Then play the game.


Zip File (extract and play) 2 MB

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