A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Extra Credits Game Jam #4.

I did not finish this game in time but here is a sandbox with everything I could implement. You can spawn ships, hack ships, connect ships, and pretty much anything else you can think of that's one of those three things.

Known Bugs:
  • Destroying a module that is undergoing a connection will crash the game. Don't do that if you don't want that.


ALT+F4 to close btw sorry

ALT+ENTER to switch fullscreen/windowed

LMB - Create a spaceship if mouse is far enough away from other ships OR destroy a module that the mouse is hovering over

  • As Capsule:
    • W - Accelerate in direction capsule is facing
    • S - Decelerate
    • RMB - Hack into a ship's Immune System (module with shield symbol)
      • When hacking:
        • Type the words that appear on screen (including spaces) and press ENTER when done
        • Typing the wrong letter will reset the last letter you typed
        • If done in time the Docking Port (circular module that lights up after hack is performed) will become available if a ship has one
        • ESCAPE - Cancel's hack
  • As Ship:
    • W - Accelerate in direction of mouse
    • S - Decelerate
    • A/D - Rotate ship
    • LEFT SHift - Exits the ship
    • RMB on one of your ship's modules then RMB on any module not attached to your ship will attract the two modules together and connect them
      • if selecting an Immune System module it will initiate hacking instead
      • the two modules have to be right next to each other to fully connect
      • it is recommended to try and get the ship as close as possible to the other ship before initiating a connection

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract it then run SPACE_JUNK.exe.




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Really cool concept! A completed version looks like it would be amazing.