A downloadable game for Windows

My first game jam game made for the Extra Credits Game Design Jam.

I've made prototypes of this game concept before but with slight variations. Anytime I tried to make it though I always hit some sort of roadblock. This game jam was the motivation I needed to finally finish this concept.


  • W: Accelerate
  • Shift: Decelerate
  • LMB: Shoot

Your ship always faces towards the mouse. The sword's damage is based on how fast your ship is turning.

Defeated enemies drop points.

Points will come to you only if you are not shooting.

Install instructions

If you chose the zip file then all you have to do is extract the executable from the zip.


I N S T A L L E R 26 MB
Z I P F I L E 13 MB


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W O A H!!!!!

W O A H!!!!!

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i could play all night